Book Launch “Sweet and Salty” by Andrea Martens & Jo Kirchherr


  • Brinner: The latest food trend
  • Breakfast for night owls and late sleepers, quick and creative recipes
  • Brinner: Breakfast + Dinner

The appeal of »sweet & salty« lies in the combination of sweet breakfast classics with hefty dinner specials. Morning treats such as waffles served with crispy chicken and pesto make up the most innovative snacks. Fried, scrambled or poached eggs and omelettes are reinvented as totally new creations. Influences from exotic cuisines provide an additional, most welcome twist, for example Vietnamese breakfast soup »Pho«, rich in vitamins and proteins while low on carbs and fat. Or how about breakfast burritos with grilled apricots? Just perfect for night owls and late risers who do not want to miss out on breakfast classics. But also ideal for young parents and uncomplicated families, or for a casual get together on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday evening with friends. All recipes presented are super quick to prepare, and many of them are perfectly suitable for low carb fans, vegetarians and vegans.



Andrea Martens, Graphic Designer, food stylist, recipe developer and passionate host. Lives in Bonn and has been working with Jo Kirchherr for more than 10 years. Jo Kirchherr, Passionate and award-winning photographer from Cologne for food, people, and advertising photography since 1995.


Andrea Martens, Jo Kirchherr

sweet & salty

Breakfast the Whole Day Waffles, Toasts and Other Quick Snacks


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