Foodstarz Five #1 Autumn Ingredients by Antonis Kourkoutas




Easy to find and with it’s sweet earthy flavor you can do many things with it.
It gives stocks flavor, it makes grate veloute soup, you can roast it as a garnish, puree it, eat it raw in salads providing crunchy texture. They also shine very well as a dessert like a carrot cake for example and they match very well with warm spices like cinnamon, all spices and clove.



The key ingredient of praline…I could stop here 😉
Hazelnuts have rich nutty flavor which goes extremely well with chocolate. You can make cookies, pralines, ice cream, soups, put it in salads to provide depth and texture and also use it to savory dishes, blend some hazelnut paste with celeriac puree to serve a pork dish and you will be amazed how well they work together.



All year round mushrooms are a very favorite ingredient but as autumn comes they are even better to use them. Autumn truffles, shitake, porccini, king oyster, shimenji, button mushrooms are some muchrooms that I use a lot. They have earthy flavor and provide depth of flavor, umami and richness to plates. Many vegetarians eat them instead of meat. They make exellent stocks, sauces, soups, puree, they dehydrate very well and even use them as powder if you like.



One of my addictions…I love just any type of chocolate. Bitter, sweet, milk chocolate, white favorite brand is Valhrona which we use at the restaurant. They have many types with unique taste, texture and aroma. Their pair extemley well with nuts, fruits, caramel, spices, coffee, berries, rum and of course game.
They make rich souffles, elegant cremeux, mousse, cookies, fondue and hundrends other things.



From smoked bacon to slow cooked pork neck, chops, ribs or fillet it’s high fat contain makes it melt in your mouth when you cook it right. Anise highlights porks meatiness, fruits such as apples and rich vinegar sauces, mustard seeds, all kinds of the onion family work really well together helping pork meat to cut some of the richness and the fat. You can find it anywhere very easy and it’s quite cheap.

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