Bonner Manufaktur – Pure gin, perfectly designed


“I wanted to create a gin that could be enjoyed neat” – this idea already arose about 15 years ago. It all started with the Swedish grandmother of Daniel Wartacz, the founder of Bonner Manufaktur. On special occasions, her drink of choice was gin and tonic, which earned her the nickname ‘Queen Mum’ in the family, after the British Royal with similar tastes. This memory, a passion for gin and the dream to create something handmade were the cornerstones for ‘NAKED GiN’.

Daniel Wartacz, the founder of Bonner Manufaktur

Daniel Wartacz, the founder of Bonner Manufaktur

The spirit is distilled four times in an alembic that is over 100 years old. Traditional methods and ingredients of the highest quality characterise the entire manufacturing process. Juniper berries from Italy are carefully dried on raffia mats over a period of two years before they are processed. Lavender from Provence and dried sloes are added as the main botanicals, which give the gin its special touch. Ginger and sun-dried black pepper round it off perfectly.

Daniel Wartacz worked on the recipe with his partner for a long time, until it was perfect. In summer 2015, the first 290 bottles were filled, numbered and sealed by hand. Each carries the name of one of the 290 Swedish municipalities – holidays in his second homeland inspired Daniel Wartacz to do this. His tip for perfect enjoyment: “NAKED GiN is best drunk neat from a tumbler or wineglass with two or three ice cubes and a sprig of rosemary.”

At the World Spirits Award 2016 and the International Spirit Award 2016 , NAKED GiN was dressed in gold.

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