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All About Chef Marie Oiseau

Chef Marie Troitskaia has not always been a chef. In fact, she comes from a family of architects – a profession that she is herself proud to be a part of today. She has not always been a pastry chef in Paris either. In fact, she grew up in Moscow where she was deeply influenced by a fusion of Russian and European culture. This would lead her to develop, over time, a love for various culinary pursuits, baking becoming chief among them.

She views her time in school learning to be a professional architect as time well spent in terms of enabling her to be creative and innovative. She prides herself today on being able to create new and extraordinary dishes based upon on her ability to learn and experiment. She now lives in Paris as a graduate student, but also runs a pastry shop back in Moscow. How has she figured out a way to manage both of these contrasting areas of her life? The simple answer is through dedication and hard work.

Preparing blueberry cupcakes

Marie’s Story

Developing passion is nothing new to Marie. As a child sitting around the dinner table, she learned that members of her family were driven to be successful. This work ethic has served her well to this point in her life. It is also that same drive for excellence that has led her to develop a passion for baking. The art of baking has been refined over time, and Chef Marie has evolved into one of the best in the business. Her baked goods have become one of the most highly sought after buys in all of Moscow, and for a good reason. Her heart and soul has been poured into the business, and that resonates with her many customers.

Even at a young age, Marie learned how to devote herself to a life of practice and discovery. This is what makes a good architect, and it is what develops into an excellent pastry chef. She like to use her knowledge of architectural design to create unique and innovative baked goods, such as her well received gardens fashioned from chocolate, or sweet flowers and animals.

Like many hard working people around the world, Chef Marie had to put her passion for baking on hold while she attended university. She devoted several years of her life to her studies, which has since paid off with a wonderful future in the field of architecture. At the same time, she resumed her love for baking as soon as she carved out a bit of time following university.


Marie and her team

Post-University Years

Not long after graduating from university, the chef developed her own brand and logo. The newfound Marie Oiseau Patisserie would become an almost instant success. She became the official brand of Californicaketion, where she would also become the head pastry chef. This was a big step in her life, but it was also a positive move that has led her to where she is today. Since those early days, she has assembled a team of young women who share her same passion for baking. Together, they have developed an entire collection of desserts, many of which revolve around ‘God level’ cupcakes that have become quite the rave across Moscow.

Marie at work

The Future

Chef Marie now lives in Paris where she is continuing her education by earning a master’s degree in architecture. She continues to discover more truths about herself, and is looking for inspiration in everything that she does. This involves experiencing nature and travel, both of which have contributed to her learning how to bake new creations that will hopefully continue to enhance the viability of her business back in Moscow.

Instagram has enabled Chef Marie to put her passion for baking on display for the world to see. From the time that she first prepared macaroons for her mother, she is now able to produce almost any type of pastry imaginable. Her personal motto is to not be afraid to make mistakes. That is the art of learning to be a great chef. Every mistake should be seen as an opportunity to create something new. She is always mindful that ‘It’s just a cake’. This should be the motto of everyone entering a new career, no matter what field it might be.

The art of innovation lies in one’s ability to dare to be different. That is what has turned Marie into such a great pastry chef. She does not set out to create just another ordinary cupcake. She wants to be known as the one that has baked the extraordinary cupcake. This has evolved into other pastries as well. As one can see from her photos on Instagram, her creations are unique and pleasing to the taste buds. Presentation is everything to her, and she works hard to ensure that every item looks as great as it tastes.

Chef Marie has become so successful in such a short period of time precisely because she has dared to think outside of the box. She works everyday to surprise even herself, which obviously translates into a pleasantly surprised pastry customer as well. She has now been baking pastries for three years and continues to refine her trade. In that short period of time, she has been invited to join the teaching staff at a well known culinary school in Moscow.

She has since been invited to train chefs at various other schools in the Moscow area. She is well known for her ability to invent marvelous chocolate creations, but really no pastry is beyond her scope. One of her best work experiences came from working at Antonio Bachour’s Kitchen in Miami, where she learned from some of the best in the business. Now, she looks forward to a future where she can also be considered among the best pastry chefs in the world.

You can follow Chef Marie on her Instagram, where she regularly posts pictures of the many new creations that she continues to develop from her kitchen in Paris.

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