New Food Photo App “Plateau” Launches to Revolutionize the Concept of Food Photography


‘Plateau – Change Your Background’, a food photo app like no other, is all set to make food photography more fun and exciting than ever before. Created by online marketing expert and passionate home chef David Broich, Plateau allows the users to exchange the background of their favorite dishes with different backgrounds provided by the app.  

Cologne, Germany 11th November, 2016

David Broich, an online marketing expert and cooking enthusiast, proudly announces the launch of his new app ‘Plateau – Change Your Background’. Unlike any of the existing food photo apps, Plateau allows users to take a photo of their plates, and change the background behind the plate with hundreds of attractive and relevant designs and backdrops available within the app. To ensure a realistic final result, the app also offers an editing feature for the plate and the background. With unmatched features and functionality, Plateau promises to be the ultimate food photo app for bloggers, chefs, home cooks, restaurateurs, or anyone passionate about food and cooking.


The popularity of food photography has grown exponentially in recent years. Every day, millions of people take photos of their favorite food items to share them with the world. However, most of them are compelled to use the same background for all their photos. Plateau has been created to solve this problem and help users display their food in the best possible way by making it look fancy and professional. The core functionality of the app can be attributed to its advanced automatic plate-recognition algorithm.

The most noteworthy features of  the Plateau food photography app are:

  • Automatic plate-recognition algorithm
  • Editing features (Resize Plate, Move Plate, Rotate Plate, Plate Shadow, Flip Background, Rotate Background)
  • Ten default backgrounds
  • Background section to manage backgrounds (drag & drop, sorting, like/unlike)
  • In-app purchase section where users can currently buy ten different background packages of different categories (Black & White, Classy Wood, Colored Wood, Concrete, Dark, Gold, Rusty Metal, Shabby Style, Wooden Boards, etc.)
  • In-app purchase for removing watermark from the final picture
  • Allows to take a photo with the camera or to select one from the gallery
  • Instant sharing options for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Standard iOS sharing option
  • Guided tour with manual

Designer David Broich founded an international chef network named Foodstarz in 2014, and since then, he started receiving thousands of food photos from chefs around the world. However, to his dismay, David noticed that many of these photos were marred by the use of poor or very similar backgrounds. In his pursuit to solve the problem of mundane food photos all looking the same, Plateau was born.  

‘Plateau – Change Your Background’ is a must-have app for everyone who likes to take and edit photos of his/her plate. The plate-recognition algorithm is globally unique, and users can put their plates into many different looks within seconds. ”We’re delighted to satisfy our users with beautiful and realistic final results.” David says.

The iOS version of Plateau is currently available for download in the App Store. The Android version is expected to hit the Google Play Store before Christmas.  

To find out more, please visit

To download Plateau, please visit

About Plateau: ‘Plateau – Change Your Background’ is an unique food photo app that allows users to take a photo of their plates, and change the backdrop of the plates with hundreds of attractive and relevant backgrounds available with the app. Created by David Broich, Plateau has the potential of becoming a game-changer in the field of food photography.


David Broich



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