Foodstarz Five #8 Winter Ingredients by Marie Troïtski



1chocolateWhat could be better than chocolate? I love chocolate at any time of year, but it is always associated with Christmas, presents, family gatherings. This is also the main New Year ingredient! Hot chocolate warms up after a long winter walks, while on holiday breakfast you can indulge juicy brownies. I always prefer a combination of chocolate and caramel, so there is nothing better tarte with dark chocolate and salted caramel.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits are very helpful in the winter, it is an important product in the cold season. However, besides availability of vitamins, they have a amazing taste! In the winter I like to add dried fruits practically to all desserts. Take as much as possible various dried fruits, leave in syrup syrup with alcohol (for example Grand Marnier) and spices for several days, then add to cakes. Every day the dessert will become is even more tasty.


The most festive combination for me – cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Spices warm in cold weather. I’m adding spices to tea, cook mulled wine, add to biscuits and mousses. Spices are perfectly combined with chocolate, caramel, sweet shortcrust pastry. They make the taste more interesting. However, be careful and be aware measure. Too many spices spoil the taste, make it bitter.


Сranberry – a storehouse of vitamins and minerals! And her bright red color is uplifting. This berry is combined with honey. I like to drink strong tea with cranberries, ginger and honey in the winter. And for a Christmas mood necessarily cook cranberry bread or roll.


Eat more citrus in the winter. I do not like citrus taste of tea, but fresh tangerines, oranges or lemons are insanely delicious. I can not mention the classics of French culture – the lemon tart. Citrus fruits are also great with ginger and honey. Also you can cook wonderful homemade candied citrus peel and cover them with dark chocolate. It is crazy delicious.

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