Foodstarz Five #8 Cauliflower by Kai Gozo


Grown in winter temperatures and blessed with many variations, cauliflower is a gem of an ingredient. One of my absolute favorites. Referred to as Broccoli’s less pigmented brother, well by me, Cauliflower is highly versatile and many chefs are beginning to find innovative ways of making it alive. Whether it be purple cauliflower or Romanesco, one can be rest assured that different structures of cauliflower will always add something significant to a dish. Many feel this ingredient is ‘bland’ and ‘boring’ but so are many ingredients out there until we found a way to bring them to life.

Having said that I will be introducing some lovely ways to prepare cauliflower into a dish:



The pickled roses are in a perfectly balanced mix of star anise, black pepper , vinegar, sugar, cinnamon , water and bay leaf.



The cured slices stand in a 3:1 mix of salt and sugar respectively with a light blend of turmeric and masala curry for an hour to extract some moisture and induce a curry flavor.



Raw is well….raw! For a little crunch and difference in structure.



The puree is a blend of cooked cauliflower, salt, yogurt, lemon and cream



Finally, my personal favorite preparation is a sprinkle of olive oil, salt and blow torched. This creates a lovely charred taste that balances the dish. The dish is accompanied by pit-smoked bacon and garnished with nasturtiums and nasturtium flowers.

Cauliflower has for decades been recognized as an ingredient that is only worthy to be bathed in béchamel sauce. But with creativity and perfect cooking techniques, it becomes a lovely winter vegetable versatile for many meals!

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